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Centre for Media and Communication Research

The CMCR focuses on media and communication researches and supports scholarly activities that are relevant to this area.


The CMCR encourages and supports scholarly and academic activities including, but not limited to the following:

Vision Statement

The Centre aims to develop, support and steer between various media research groups and projects in multidisciplinary research in the field of media and communication. 

Through collaborations, both cross institutional and with industry partners, the Centre’s goal is to increase researchers’ profile and institutional visibility in the area of media and communication.


TANG MUI JOO & CHAN EANG TENG. Online Purchase Over Pandemic Covid-19: Its Growth and Future in Malaysia. Proceedings of Seventh International Congress on Information and Communication Technology. SDG 8 & 9. 

For further information please visit CMCR WEBSITE 

Centre for Creative Arts Research and Design (CREARD)


The CREARD emphasises on creative arts and design; and supports academic activities that are essential to this field.

Location:  Faculty of Communication & Creative Industries (FCCI)


CREARD aims at offering aid to researchers within the University and to advance creative arts and design knowledge in all areas by:

   Vision Statement

The centre’s vision is to be a learning and innovation powerhouse whose success in  research is acknowledged both locally and internationally.

The centre will focuses on gathering data and reflecting research findings across different art forms (visual arts & applied arts) and thereby generating a substantial impact on the culture and society more broadly.

The research centre intend to create an excellent atmosphere of support for teaching staff members of the Department of Creative Industries, TARUMT, broadly facilitating stellar developments in the field of creative arts and design. Also, through partnership with industry, other universities and government, the centre aims to increase the profile of scholars and institutional recognition.

Environmental Sustainability Publications

1. Kasturi Pormalu @ Perumal. Food Labelling From Customer Viewpoints: A Review. Muallim Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. SDG 4 & 12.

2. Kendy Mitot. The Evolvement In Printmaking Artwork Making Process and Technology Implementation As An Approach to Producing An Artwork. KUPAS SENI. SDG 4 & 12.