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Yeo Chia Hui


Communications Executive,

Multinational Company (Brewer)

""I chose TAR UMT because of its affordability and the syllabi of the journalism programme. The programme helped to sharpen my critical faculties. With lecturers who constantly challenge you to think out of the box, it’s difficult not to. The inquisitive nature, which was embedded into me, has helped me in my career – first as a journalist for an English daily and then as a communications executive with a multinational company. It is not a bed of roses, of course, but should you be brave enough to take up the gauntlet then you’ll be certain to walk away with an arsenal of relevant and valuable skills to tackle the working world."

Tank Chew Guan Heng

Senior Graphic Designer at Aavii Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.; and

Art Instructor with Eduspec Holdings Berhad, Malaysia

Qualification attained in TAR UMT : Diploma in Graphic Design 2013

“I would like to express my sincerest thanks to TAR UMT for providing such comfortable environment and excellent platform to unleash my creative talent in developing my portfolio, which has help pave my future career path of today,” remarked Tank Chew Guan Heng, a Senior Graphic Designer cum Art Instructor who has continuously kept his design passion burning since his academic years with the TAR UMT.

Tank is currently a Senior Graphic Designer at Aavii Worldwide Sdn. Bhd., a company that specializes in audio visual experience for creative conference and event technology. He is also an art instructor with Eduspec Holdings Berhad.

“For me, TAR UMT is an ideal choice for the Graphic Design programme, with much hands-on knowledge and enriching curricular activities, where I have the opportunity to develop my creativity to a professional level of today,” remarked Tank.

“Once a TARCian, always a TARCian, and I am proud to be a TARCian,” he stated.

Jye Woon

Jye Woon, a TARCian alumnus and senior UX designer with Acteos Software Agency based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

"If you ask Jye Woon years ago if he ever thought of building a career in Germany, it would probably be the last thing on his mind. But that was what the former TAR UMT student did, who is currently a senior UX designer at Acteos Software Agency based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Jye Woon studied at the then TAR College in 2009 and was enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design programme. After that he chose to further his studies at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK for Bachelor (Hons) in Digital Media Design under the Top-Up Summer Semester programme. 

An excellent academic performance earned Jye Woon a full scholarship to do the Master of Arts in Media Arts and Design programme with Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation, Germany. During the two-year programme, he completed his Master’s thesis in the field of “Big Data-Driven Design”. Despite having achieved so much, Jye Woon is still grateful to TAR UMT, claiming it is because of TAR UMT’s education that he is able to become the person he is today. “TAR UMT’s teaching staff is 100% dedicated and caring professionals who work hard to ensure each and every student reaches their potentials. 

For me, my lecturers helped me in discovering my passion in Design and Media Technologies. The projects I did in TAR College also helped prepare me for the challenges of the real working environment.” On his advice to anyone who is considering enrolling at TAR UMT, he said, “Studying at the then TAR College has not only led me to a successful career path but had also given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain experience and exposure that has transformed my life. I encourage others to join TAR UMT and make the most of their learning experience as a TAR UMT student.” “Looking back, I am truly grateful that TAR College has opened doors for me to discover and maximise my creative talents,” he added.

Lau Jian Hao


Position: Digital Marketing Specialist

Company: Wilhelmsen Ship Management

"TAR UMT provided a strong foundation that continues to guide me as I climb up the corporate ladder in Malaysia. I was constantly challenged to think beyond my own world views at that time, a young man who didn’t really know what he wanted in life. The seasoned lecturers, some who are industry professionals manage to bridge the gap between the theoretical aspects of the subjects with practical elements, preparing students with the necessary skill sets to become future leaders in their own right."

Ronald Tan

"Let me share my journey to where I am today.

I’m currently the Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager for Robinsons Malaysia, managing stores at both The Gardens Mall and Shoppes at Four Seasons Place.

My life began as a student in TAR UMT venturing in a Certificate in Graphic Design. The reason I say venturing is because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do in life.

With guidance from my lecturers in TAR UMT, I had a better idea on what to focus on which led me to undertake a Diploma in Multimedia Design.

Multimedia Design expanded my mind in all aspects of designing through the various media. I began to appreciate what I was learning and was determined to strive for excellence in what I do best - to be creative in everything such that creativity has become my lifestyle.

I went on to do advanced diploma and then degree. I completed my course in Liverpool John Moores University in the UK and it was an experience that blew me away. Even though I had only spent 3 months there, I learnt so much about the lifestyle and culture.

In (state what year), I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and awarded Most Improved Student in the whole program.

Despite the challenges faced in the life of a student, my lecturers in TAR UMT helped me overcome and manoeuver through those tough times. This will never be forgotten as it has been stepping stones to bring me where I am today.

My work experience started out as a designer in an advertising company to being the visual merchandiser of the most renowned brand in the world - H&M.

As a designer, I met clients to discuss about designs and that gave me confidence to switch to fashion. I was then the visual merchandiser for Valentino Rudy and Seville Row by Bonia group for approximately one year before moving on to the international brand H&M.

I took on several roles as a window stylist, window visual merchandiser, indoor visual merchandiser and also area visual merchandiser for materials. It has given me great experience and training throughout the years I have been with H&M.

Today I am in the fashion and retail industry not because of the course I studied, but because it laid the foundation for design which has allowed me to expand my understanding and skills set.

I have chosen to focus my passion in fashion because there is no limit in creativity. Trust your heart and know your passion so you’ll never ever have to work for the rest of your life because you’ll be doing what you love.

This is Ronald Tan or you may call me Ron-T. I’m a fashionista and a fitness enthusiast who is proud to tell you that I am from TAR UMT."

Ng Mun Tyng

Diploma in Mass Communication (Advertising) (2011 - 2013)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Advertising (2013 - 2015)

"I started to think of whether to study at TAR UMT or to work right after I have completed my secondary school. I realised that I needed to join a college or university to gain further knowledge and at the same time to learn and enjoy a new environment. I decided to join TAR UMT after I checking out a few other universities.

I spent around four years in the campus to complete my studies and graduated in 2015. The time that I have spent in TAR UMT moulded my character and gave me a strong charisma to grow into whom I am today. The internship period at Milk & Co was my stepping stone to the advertising industry. Besides teaching me to always give my best, it also opened up my vision and mission for my future career in the advertising industry. I was lucky, I would say. Many people do not know about the role of the individual departments when they first join an agency, but I was exposed and learnt about the job scopes of different departments which helped me to know what I wanted to be clearly.

With a clear goal and mindset, it was a great start in the industry. I joined Naga DDB as an Account Executive in 2015 after I graduated. What I learnt and experienced at TAR UMT helped me to become independent and adaptable to the different environments and to continue my career in the industry. With the right attitude of being humble, eager to learn, responsible and willing to take up new challenges, it helped me to gain more knowledge and experiences that have kept me strong and to be productive in my career.

Today, I am a brand manager at Naga DDB, working with many young talents in the industry. I keep imparting my knowledge and experiences to others. It has been a tough time for me to reach the position that I have today. All lessons that I have learnt and experienced from the moment I stepped into TAR UMT and the engagement with the industry partners during my internship, has helped me a lot to keep my career growing. It’s important to have a solid ground that equips one with the right knowledge to kick start his or her career. I believe that other than education, other vital assets that one must possess are the right attitude as well as problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills. But how and where can we get all these? I strongly believe that for me, it was TAR UMT, the place where I got many opportunities to explore all these and I am proud of myself having made the right choice for my future."

Ang Siang Lin

Diploma in Mass Communication (Advertising) (2011 - 2013)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Advertising (2013 - 2015)

"Graphic Designer at Public Packaging Asia Sdn. Bhd.

Qualification attained in TAR UMT : Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Graphic Design, 2013

My heartiest gratitude to all TAR UMT academicians and staffs, without their relentless commitment, contribution and consultation, I would not have been where I am today. Their professionalism, patience and proficiency has bring out the best of my talent and skills.

Presently I am working with Public Packaging Asia Sdn. Bhd., one of Asia’s biggest POSM (Point of Sales Materials). Projects in which I was trained in TAR UMT has greatly benefited me as I excelled throughout. It prepared me thoroughly for challenges in the creative industry.

Thus, I strongly recommend others to embark their learning journey with the TAR UMT as it is well equipped with facilities, professionals and resources – providing a fulfilling learning experience.

"I am proud to be a TARCIAN."

Miyaki Lee Lixin

Current Job Position: Digital Marketing Executive (Social media & Content blogger)

Company: Rose Attractions

Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) 2018 graduate & SHU UK dual degree Best Student Award

"We Malaysians benefitted from SHU UK's teaching styles because they provided us with lots of academic research resources while we compared between Malaysian/Asian PR learned at TAR UMT with the British/European PR industry to get a more internationalised knowledge base.

We were taught with traditional explanatory and exemplified methods but added with experiential digital media PR tasks including presentations and also videos relevant to effective PR case studies that widens our understanding of real-life professional practices.

TARCians' combined studies in Malaysia and dual degree in the UK expands our know-how not just from theoretical grasps but also interculturally, as PR is globalised and we graduates get to grasp the best of both worlds"